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Variegated Striped Rush

Baumea rubiginosa

Rigid growth is gently striped in yellow. Collectively, the narrow swords combine to form a cylinder.

Bloom TimeSpring
Hardiness Zone7
Height2-3 Feet
ExposureFull Sun to Light Shade
Where to PlantMoist Soil or Shallow Water (Up to 3 Inches Deep)
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Variegated Striped Rush is a great upright plant that adds just the right amount of height to any pond. It’s koi-resistant and non-aggressive, making it a great companion to the rest of your pond life.

The plant’s rigid leaves grow to about 2 to 3 feet tall. Each blade displays beautiful variegation, with a yellow stripe running up the side of each leaf.

Variegated Striped Rush grows small, brownish flowers in the early spring that add just a touch of character without distracting from the gorgeous stiff leaves.

Variegated Striped Rush pairs well with Goldi Creeping Jenny, which complements the rush’s yellow striping, as well as groundcovers like Parrot Feather and Bog Bean.



Bloom Time


Hardiness Zone



2-3 Feet


Full Sun to Part Shade

Where to Plant

Moist Soil or Shallow Water (Up to 3 Inches Deep)

Pot Size


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