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Virginalis Waterlily

Nymphaea ‘Virginalis’

Clean white flowers stand above the surface. A consistent performer, and versatile to boot!

Flower White
Bloom Time Summer
Hardiness Zone 3
Spread 3-5 Feet
Exposure Prefers Sun
Where to Plant Deep Water (8-30 Inches)

Pure as the driven snow, this crisp white waterlily makes a great addition to any pond or container garden. Virginalis has white cup-shaped blooms that span about 4 to 6 inches across and stand against a backdrop of dark green leaves.

Virginalis is one of the many waterlily varieties created by French botanist Joseph Latour-Marliac, whose flowers inspired the likes of painter Claude Monet. Latour-Marliac first hybridized Virginalis in 1910. Its reputation as a dependable bloomer has since made it a staple in many water gardens.

How to Care for Your Hardy Waterlily