Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinths) (Bare Root)

The most popular floating plant used primarily for plant filtration, shade and surface cover. Flowers only when stressed. The delicate lavender flowers display a yellow-eyed peacock's tail.


Water hyacinths are outstanding at nutrient uptake. Their rapid growth contributes to improved water quality via the need for copious amounts of nutrients to sustain that growth. Although the flurry of requests for water hyacinths is married to the first warm days of spring, the real benefit to growing them doesn’t materialize until the warm summer months. When making your annual hyacinth purchases, consider other cool-season perennial plants that will be active during the transition from winter to spring. A well rounded plant palette is beneficial to cover all the growing seasons.

Water Hyacinths tolerate partial shade. Enhance the nutrient uptake ability by planting where water flow is evident and koi can’t access the roots. Harvest often to remove the collected nutrients permanently from the water body. Rumor has it that composted Hyacinths make for terrific roses!!

Splash water hyacinths are clean, uniform in size and without pests or disease. Our wholesale hyacinths have a 50-plant order minimum. Splash Plants’ goal is to provide consistent quality, no matter how many boxes you open! You can count on it!

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