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Texas Dawn Hardy Waterlily

Nymphaea ‘Texas Dawn’

Like the soft yellow of the Texas morning sun, these blossoms rise well above the water! A consistently outstanding performer.

Flower Yellow
Bloom Time Summer
Hardiness Zone 3
Spread 3-5 Feet
Exposure Prefers Sun
Where to Plant Deep Water (8-30 Inches)
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Everything’s bigger in Texas – including this beautiful yellow lily.

Texas Dawn shows off its bright blooms with gusto all summer long, often producing clusters of flowers that fill the pond with a yellow glow. These flowers span an impressive 6 to 10 inches across and can rise up to 10 inches above the water’s surface.

Like a dawn sky, the petals will sometimes display hints of pink.

Texas Dawn has received all kinds of accolades since its creation in 1985, including designation as the official state waterlily of Texas.