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Pink Sensation Hardy Waterlily

Nymphaea ‘Pink Sensation’

An all-time favorite, clear pink with silver tips. The rich foliage color is the perfect complement to this “stay-open-late” variety. Well suited to earth-bottom pots.

Flower Pink
Bloom Time Summer
Hardiness Zone 3
Spread 3-5 Feet
Exposure Prefers Sun
Where to Plant Deep Water (8-30 Inches)
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Pink Sensation is an all-time favorite among many water gardeners. And what’s not to love? This pretty plant has cup-shaped pink flowers that fade to an almost silver around the edges. New leaves start life in a beautiful burgundy before turning green.

As an added bonus, Pink Sensation’s blooms  – which span about 5 to 6 inches – stay open longer into the day than those of most hardy waterlilies.

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