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Tarnok Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia leucophylla var. Tarnok

Tarnok is an easy-to-grow Pitcher Plant that adds interest to any bog or stream. It has especially showy pom-pom-like flowers that show off whirls of red and green in early spring. Tarnok’s impressive colors often last late into the fall after other Pitcher Plants have faded.

Flower Red and Green
Bloom Time Spring
Foliage Pitchers, Green at the base transitioning to red and white at the tips
Hardiness Zone 6
Height 8-20 Inches
Exposure Full Sun to Part Shade
Where to Plant Moist Soil or Shallow Water (Up to 1 Inch Deep)
Aggressive Grower? No
Growth Rate Moderate
Pond Size Any

How to Care for Your Pitcher Plant